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training home ยป receptionist training resources
Receptionist Training
Telephone Skills
Phone Greetings1:17 Play
Phone Shopper Calls3:05 Play
Scheduling Progress Exams3:32 Play
How to Make Appointment Confirmation Calls that Encourage Complience2:26 Play
Follow-Up Phone Calls2:46 Play

Basic Receptionist Skills
Good First Impressions1:13 Play
Preparing for Payment4:16 Play
Collecting Client Emails1:24 Play
Using Client and Pet Names1:25 Play
Active Listening1:39 Play
Body Language2:24 Play
Effective Client Check-Outs2:05 Play
Delivering the Estimate2:09 Play
Communicating That You Care1:16 Play
Using Empathy Statements1:36 Play
Satisfy Your Client Needs Now1:13 Play

Advanced Receptionist Skills
Proactive Scheduling3:40 Play
Apply HEAT - Dealing with Client Complaints3:53 Play
Choose Your Words Carefully2:02 Play
Say "No" With "Yes"2:31 Play
Using an Effective Pause to Stimulate Client Interaction1:43 Play
Understanding Client Knowledge2:43 Play
Client Wait Time2:52 Play
Properly Handling Mistakes1:06 Play
Educating Clients1:37 Play

Better Understanding the Veterinary Client
Better Understanding the Veterinary Client Part One8:54 Free Sample
Better Understanding the Veterinary Client Part Two10:00 Play
Better Understanding the Veterinary Client Part Three10:07 Play

Exceptional Client Service
The First Step to Exceptional Client Service - Defining Client Service10:55 Free Sample
The Second Step to Exceptional Client Service - Systems for Results9:55 Play
The Third Step to Exceptional Client Service - Doing Common Things Uncommonly Well10:28 Play
The Fourth Step to Exceptional Client Service - It's Not What You Say..It's How You Say It13:43 Play
The Fifth Step to Exceptional Client Service - Teamwork Works7:45 Play
The Sixth Step to Exceptional Client Service - Conclusion8:00 Play

Handling Difficult Clients
Five Steps to Handling a Telephone Confrontation5:30 Play
Five Steps to Handling Upset Clients11:50 Play
The Art of Dealing With Upset Clients Over the Phone6:43 Play

Valuable Receptionist Skills
Active Listening Skills7:48 Play
Basic Math and Computer Skills3:04 Play
Check-out Procedures3:46 Play
Customer Service Skills2:49 Play
How to Handle a Price Shopper7:46 Play
How to Handle the Telephone Solicitor2:01 Play
Organizational Skills3:01 Play
Taming the Terror of Technology7:40 Play
The Art of Scheduling Appointments 5:35 Play
20 Tips to Reduce Waiting Time10:44 Play
Educating Clients on Adopting a Shelter Animal9:32 Play
Telephone Triage Part One13:05 Play
Telephone Triage Part Two9:17 Play

Strategies of Successful Staff Members
Flexibility in Your Job1:41 Free Sample
Following Instructions1:38 Play
Professional Conduct2:48 Play
Record Keeping1:45 Play
Safety1:03 Play
Teamwork1:51 Play
The People Business1:03 Play

Medical Terminology
Anatomical Directions and Species 2:22 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Prefixes3:33 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Root Words10:00 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Suffixes4:22 Play

Receptionist Resources
Understanding How a Client Perceives Quality and Value3:57 Play
New Pet Owner: Spay and Neuter3:38 Play
The Electronic HEALTH Record Part One4:52 Play
The Electronic HEALTH Record Part Two4:16 Play
The Electronic HEALTH Record Part Three8:21 Play
How to Properly Introduce Microchip Technology to Your Clients7:29 Play
Safe Internet Use in Your Practice6:55 Play
Understanding Microchips and Its Many Benefits12:18 Play
Email Collection: Using Client Email Addresses to Enhance Communication10:00 Free Sample
Measuring Client Satisfaction Part One9:42 Play
Measuring Client Satisfaction Part Two10:00 Play

Marketing Resources
Marketing Basics8:28 Play
The Importance of Appearance 2:45 Play
The Importance of Client Reminders and Recalls5:47 Play

Advertising Resources
Attracting Potential Clients5:45 Play
The Use of Direct Mailing and Newsletter3:17 Play
Using Signs, Websites and Yellow Pages to Attract Potential Clients2:28 Play

Safety Resources
OSHA3:01 Free Sample
Occupational Safety:Injury, MSDS and Fire Safety Plan5:23 Play
Safety in the Reception Area4:00 Play
Keeping Storage Areas Safe2:13 Play