Certified Veterinary Assistant On-Line Training Program

Animal Care Technologies (ACT) and the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) are proud to bring you the Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program Online. This program allows you to work in a hospital while learning online. It is great for anyone interested in becoming a veterinary assistant, but must be accompanied by 90 days of work experience (or part-time equivalent) if certification by the TVMA is desired. This CVA course of study blends four essential elements into a program that leads the certification as a veterinary assistant by the TVMA.

  • Online Curriculum - 10 units comprised of approximately 100 veterinary videos and Power Point presentations
  • Work Experience - A 90-day working apprenticeship in the veterinary hospital of your choice
  • Practical Skills - The CVA student must demonstrate numerous hands-on skills for their supervising DVM or RVT.
  • CVA Final Exam

The CVA Online Program delivers the curriculum anywhere, anytime (requires a high-speed Internet connection). Upon completion, a certificate is issued demonstrating one's competency in the basic skills required of a veterinary assistant. CVA Levels 1, 2 & 3 are all available from the TVMA. This program will require an additional 180 days of work experience following Level 1 Certification.

"The CVA-Online program is awesome. The online flexibility fits my busy schedule perfectly. I believe the CVA certfication will open doors to my future in Veterinary medicine."

Aaron Jennings
Texas A&M (2007 Outstanding Freshman Ag Student)