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Practice Tips
Practice Tip: Avoiding Mischarges by Gary Glassman, CPA2:15 Play
Client Compliance by Kathy Johnson1:14 Play
Practice Tip: Delivering "WOW" Client Experiences by Fritz Wood, CPA2:04 Play
Effective Body Language by Wendy Myers2:13 Free Sample
Practice Tip: Effective Communication by Don Hemerson1:44 Play
Practice Tip: Grieving Clients by Amanda Donnelly, DVM2:27 Play
Make the Internet Work for You by Paul Kline, DVM2:31 Play
Practice Tip: No Guilt Boarding in Your Practice by David King, DVM0:57 Play
Price vs. Value by Mark Opperman, CVPM5:33 Play
Proactive Scheduling by Denise Tumblin3:33 Play
Recruiting the Right Way by Tracy Dowdy, CVPM1:01 Free Sample
Practice Tip: Setting Clear Objectives by Terry Hall, DVM1:35 Play
Staff Development by Roger Cummings, CVPM1:57 Play
Practice Tip: Teamwork Implementation by Suzanne Martin2:03 Play
The Buddy Sleepover by Ross Clark, DVM1:30 Play
Practice Tip: The NCVEI by Howard Rubin1:54 Play
Three R's in Good Business by Tom Catanzaro, DVM1:15 Play
Turning Price Shoppers into Clients by Dave Gerber, DVM1:50 Play
Practice Tip: Keeping Clients Bonded to Practice After Referring Them to a Specialist by Amanda Donnelly, DVM1:53 Play
Practice Tip: Implementing Change by Jim Stephenson, DVM2:01 Play
Practice Tip: Creating a Winning Website by Lowell Ackerman, DVM1:59 Play
Practice Tip: Are You an Effective Manager by Lynn Helke1:22 Play
Three Steps to Improve Your Practice by Louise Dunn1:52 Play
Educating clients on Planning Future Veterinary Expenses by Jim Wilson, DVM1:26 Play
Practice Tip: Helpful Phrases to Calm Angry Clients by Wendy Myers2:18 Play
Practice Tip: Decreasing Client Worry by Don Hemerson 1:44 Play
Practice Tip: NCVEI Benchmarking by Dennis McCurnin, DVM2:00 Play
Practice Tip: Implementing Effective Team Meetings by Jennifer Inbody2:14 Play
Practice Tip: Increasing the Productivity in Your Practice by Hank Swartz, DVM, MBA1:50 Play
Practice Tip: Building a Problem Solving Structure by Susan Strattman, C.V.P.M1:07 Play
Practice Tip: Overwhelming Pet Owners With Too Much Information by Wendy Myers1:26 Play
Practice Tip: Evaluating Employees by Karen Felsted, DVM, CPA1:20 Play
Practice Tip: Three Common Mistakes Made in Interviews by Kurt Oster, MS, SPHR1:26 Play
Practice Tip: Defining the Ideal Candidate by Kurt Oster, MS, SPHR 1:40 Play
Practice Tip: Marketing Strategies for Your Hospital by Jill Peale, DVM1:29 Play
Practice Tip: Optimal Wellness for Pets by Wendy Myers1:55 Play
Practice Tip: Implementing a Secret Shopper Program by Jennifer Inbody2:55 Play
Practice Tip: Domain Names by Kelly Baltzell1:00 Play
Practice Tip: Implementing a Wellness Testing Program by Hank Swartz1:55 Play
Practice Tip: Interviewing Doctors and Staff Candidates by Jill Peale, DVM1:10 Play
Practice Tip: Greeting Phone Shoppers by Wendy Myers1:58 Play
Practice Tip: Conflict Resolution by Tracy Dowdy1:49 Play
Practice Tip: Hiring Tips by Jill Peale, DVM1:16 Play