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training home ยป kennel assistant training resources
Kennel Assistant Training
Exotics Identification
Mammals Non-Rodent6:14 Play
Rodents7:25 Play
Avian7:52 Play
Reptiles and Amphibians9:00 Play

Cleanliness and Orderliness
Introduction3:23 Play
Reception2:41 Play
Exam Rooms2:12 Play
Treatment Area1:55 Play
Isolation1:31 Play
Kennels1:39 Play
Outdoors1:44 Play

Veterinary Medical Conditions - Volume 1
Anal Glands2:45 Play
Bladder Stones2:40 Play
Canine Heartworm Disease2:58 Play
Feline Heartworm Disease2:32 Play
Heat Stroke3:47 Play
Hip Dysplasia3:43 Play
Leptospirosis3:00 Play
Lyme Disease2:01 Play
Mange1:56 Play
Osteoarthritis2:54 Play
Parvovirus4:07 Play
Rabies3:20 Play
Ringworm2:46 Play

Kennel Maintenance -
Basic Disease Transmission4:00 Free Sample
Cleaning Agents3:52 Play
Cleaning and Disinfecting2:46 Play
Cleaning Cages, Exam Rooms and Floors6:38 Play
Animal Feeding1:48 Play

OSHA3:01 Free Sample
Occupational Safety:Injury, MSDS and Fire Safety Plan5:23 Play
Safety in the Kennel4:44 Play
Safety in the Exam Room5:57 Play
Safety in the Treatment Area3:13 Play
Safety in the Surgery Suite3:11 Play
Keeping Storage Areas Safe2:13 Play
Using and Mixing Chemicals3:24 Play
Safety in the Laboratory2:45 Play
Safety in the Reception Area4:00 Play
Safety in the Radiology Room4:03 Play

Animal Handling
Protective Instincts and Fear Biting3:58 Play
Introduction3:48 Play
Good Lifting Mechanics for Dogs4:16 Play
Restraining Dogs12:24 Play
Restraining Cats10:24 Play
Tips to Consider1:15 Play
General Canine Behavioral Interpretation12:40 Play
How Dogs Communicate01:30 Play
Interpreting Aggressive Behavior5:41 Play

Basic Animal Care Resources
Basic Eye And Ear Care5:27 Play
Kennel Maintenance Part One12:25 Play
Kennel Maintenance Part Two8:14 Play

Medical Terminology
Basic Understanding2:57 Play
Anatomical Directions and Species 3:14 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Prefixes3:35 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Root Words9:33 Play
Medical Terminology: Using Suffixes4:05 Play

Strategies of Successful Staff Members
Flexibility in Your Job1:41 Free Sample
Following Instructions1:38 Play
Professional Conduct2:48 Play
Safety1:03 Play
Teamwork1:51 Play
The People Business1:03 Play

Breed Identification
Herding Dog Breed Identification6:54 Play
Hound Dog Breed Identification5:39 Play
Non-Sporting Dog Breed Identification4:29 Play
Sporting Dog Breed Identification4:55 Play
Terrier Dog Breed Identification6:01 Play
Toy Dog Breed Identification5:30 Play
Working Dog Breed Identification5:36 Play
Feline Breeds 7:51 Play

Kennel Maintenance
Basic Disease Transmission9:03 Play
Cleaning and Disinfecting6:54 Play
Cleaning Agents6:16 Play
Animal Feeding4:06 Play