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training home ยป client education resources
Client Education
General Topics
Anal Glands3:16 Free Sample
Flea and Tick Control9:39 Play
Home Dental Care3:52 Play
Our Aging Pets5:03 Play
Pain Management2:49 Play
Pre-anesthetic Labwork5:35 Play
Spaying Your Pet7:09 Play
Surgical Aftercare5:22 Play
Dental Cleaning3:57 Play
Allergies5:13 Play
Cancer3:01 Play
Demodectic Mange3:01 Play
Sarcoptic Mange3:25 Play
Leptospirosis3:43 Play
Ringworm4:11 Play
Rabies3:53 Play
Seizures4:03 Play
Advances in Pet Identification3:13 Play
Ear Problems4:21 Play
Acupuncture in Veterinary Medicine2:27 Play
Chiropractic Care for Pets2:14 Play
Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus5:38 Free Sample
Causes of Diabetes Mellitus3:12 Play
Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus3:56 Play
Insulin Injections and Home Monitoring8:01 Play
Heat Stroke3:55 Play
Obesity5:13 Play
My Pet Needs Surgery7:13 Play
Understanding Congestive Heart Failure - Introduction0:57 Play
Understanding Congestive Heart Failure - Dilatative Cardiomyopathy2:40 Play
Understanding Congestive Heart Failure - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy2:16 Play
Understanding Congestive Heart Failure - Valvular Disease1:11 Play
Understanding Congestive Heart Failure - Prognosis0:37 Play

Canine Topics
Heartworm Disease4:46 Free Sample
Heartworm Prevention1:26 Play
Neutering6:11 Play
Nutrition6:56 Play
Vaccines4:53 Play
Puppy Basics6:25 Play
Hip Dysplasia4:26 Play
Medicating Your Dog2:40 Play
Renal Failure5:00 Play
Bladder Stones2:47 Play
Lyme Disease4:30 Play
Parvovirus3:36 Play
Urinary Problems with Dogs4:42 Play
Housetraining4:01 Play
Crate Training2:00 Play
Obedience Training3:25 Play
Osteoarthritis3:15 Play
Grooming Your Dog7:13 Play
Understanding Canine Conflicts10:16 Play
Chewing Behaviors5:29 Play
Helping Your Dog Welcome Your New Baby9:07 Play

Feline Topics
Heartworm Disease1:30 Play
Neutering3:56 Play
Nutrition6:47 Play
Vaccines5:14 Play
Kitten Basics7:11 Play
Hypertension2:55 Play
Traveling with Your Cat4:27 Play
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease3:11 Play
Administering Medications to Cats3:16 Play