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ACT Classics
Bathing, Dipping and Grooming
Basic Grooming Techniques5:14 Play
Anal Gland Expression2:12 Play
Bathing and Dipping5:40 Play
Bathing, Grooming and Nail Trimming8:44 Free Sample
Nail Trimming4:56 Play

Blood Collection
Canine Cephalic and Saphenous Veins6:05 Free Sample
Canine Jugular Vein3:07 Play
Feline Jugular Vein1:53 Play
Feline Cephalic Vein2:03 Play
Feline Femoral Vein2:39 Play

Basic Anatomy of a Tooth3:14 Play
The Veterinary Dental Exam2:25 Play
The Dental Scaling Procedure7:38 Play
Polishing the Teeth2:48 Play
Advances in Veterinary Dentistry1:47 Play

Feline Characteristics and Care
Feline Characteristics3:48 Play
Basic Cat Care10:04 Play

Handling Exotics
Avian Handling and Restraint6:30 Play
Avian Beak and Nail Trim3:26 Play
Avian Wing Trim3:27 Play
Handling Small Animals7:01 Play
Handling Snakes3:33 Play
Handling Lizards and Turtles5:54 Play

Laboratory skills
Urinalysis Part One9:32 Play
Urinalysis Part Two13:28 Play

Medical Conditions
Trauma2:26 Play
Bleeding3:00 Free Sample
Bloat (GDV) or Distended Abdomen1:40 Play
Labored Breathing2:11 Play
The Inability to Urinate or Defecate1:45 Play
Poisoning3:59 Play
Heat Stroke and Hypothermia3:04 Play
Dystocia2:55 Play
Seizures2:12 Play
Unconscious Animals and CPR3:49 Play
Transporting an Injured Animal3:40 Play
Diarrhea and Vomiting4:01 Play

Essential Components of Pet Foods4:36 Play
Dry, Canned and Semi-moist Pet Foods2:46 Play
Choosing the Right Pet Food4:08 Play
How Often to Feed a Pet3:29 Play

Intestinal Parasites: Worms and Coccidia7:55 Play
Flea and Tick Control for the House and Yard8:23 Play

Patient Care and Fluid Therapy
The Importance of the Proper Environment4:19 Play
Nursing Care4:13 Play
Medications4:28 Play
Fluid Therapy5:02 Play
Post-surgical Care6:41 Play
Canine and Feline IV Catheter Placement8:46 Free Sample
IV Catheter Precautions and Complications4:06 Play
IV Fluid Therapy5:17 Play
Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy6:53 Play

Practice Management
Marketing Basics8:28 Play
The Importance of Appearance 2:45 Play
Understanding How a Client Perceives Quality and Value3:57 Play
The Importance of Client Reminders and Recalls5:47 Play
Using Signs, Websites and Yellow Pages to Attract Potential Clients2:28 Play
Safe Internet Use in Your Practice6:55 Play

Puppies and Kittens
Puppies: Newborn and Orphans9:54 Play
Puppies: Weaning2:14 Play
Puppies: Chewing3:47 Play
Puppies: Crate and Paper Training4:21 Play
Puppies: Exercise and Obedience Training2:54 Play
New Pet Owner: Spay and Neuter3:38 Play
Aging Puppies and Kittens Based on Dentition1:32 Play

Safety 3:33 Play
The X-Ray Machine and Technique Chart8:54 Play
Positioning Animals for Radiology4:28 Play
Radiology: Developing and Filing Xrays7:44 Play

Basic Math and Computer Skills3:04 Play
Customer Service Skills2:49 Play
Organizational Skills3:01 Play
The Art of Scheduling Appointments 5:35 Play
How to Handle a Price Shopper7:46 Play
How to Handle the Telephone Solicitor2:01 Play
The Art of Dealing With Upset Clients Over the Phone6:43 Play
Five Steps to Handling a Telephone Confrontation5:30 Play
Five Steps to Handling Upset Clients11:50 Play
Check-out Procedures3:46 Play

General Principles of Wound Healing3:33 Play
Caring for Wounds6:11 Play
Bandages, Splints and Slings10:38 Play

Client Education
Home Dental Care4:39 Play

Physical Exam of Canines and Felines
The Complete Physical Exam of a Canine Patient - Part 12:54 Free Sample
The Complete Physical Exam of a Canine Patient - Part 28:16 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Canine Patient - Part 35:48 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Canine Patient - Part 415:52 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Feline Patient - Part 12:47 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Feline Patient - Part 27:58 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Feline Patient - Part 36:11 Play
The Complete Physical Exam of a Feline Patient - Part 416:58 Play