Pets Best
Pets Best provides peace of mind and financial relief for owners of pets who need veterinary care. We are always accessible to our policyholders. We endorse innovation and insight into modern veterinary care.
What do your clients really think? VSurv makes it easy to find out. VSurv makes the task of surveying your clients easy and automated, allowing you time to routinely monitor what your clients think in order to improve your practice and boost their satisfaction.
Based in the UK, Andersen Products Ltd. was established in 1973 and is the Andersen Global Group’s headquarters for the sales and distribution of Ethylene Oxide sterilisers and associated products to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Beyond Indigo
Beyond Indigo is an industry leader in the development of revenue generating websites. Your website is the front door of your business so don’t let potential customers get away! We can custom design a new website for you at reasonable price. Stop by our booth and ask for a FREE analysis of your current website. Also ask about our unique pet memorial tools. Beyond Indigo. Internet Innovation for the veterinary industry.
Websource allows any veterinary hospital to improve their client education and add valuable information to their website making a powerful first impression on potential clients.  WebSource offers access to 100 canine and feline articles and 50 client education videos for pennies a day.  All articles are fully customizable to the individual hospital and can be edited to reflect each hospital’s specific recommendations.
Hill's Pet Nutrition
For over five decades, Hill’s has provided the most technologically advanced therapeutic and wellness foods to veterinary professionals. Hill’s® Prescription Diet® brand is a complete line of therapeutic pet foods formulated to nutritionally manage pets with various disease conditions.
MDS, Inc.
Specializing in affordable endoscopy equipment since 1972, MDS provides quality products to all Veterinarians. Our line of in-office and/or portable endoscopes and accessories allow the user to perform most procedures without the prohibitive costs associated with this type of diagnostic tool. See our latest video equipment to enhance your existing endoscopes. New this year is our Portable Video Monitor with on-board, 12V power. Please visit our booth and our website
Merial Limited
Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals. For more information, please see Please visit our two booth locations at the Gaylord and Marriott for a chance to win great prizes!
ACT Online
ACT Online offers staff training videos for every position in a veterinary hospital including Veterinary Technician, Kennel Assistant, Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist, and Management Training plus Client Education, Practice Tips, AVImark, and New Release videos. Your staff is able to access all 400 plus videos, along with the quizzes and tests just by using their assigned user ID and password.
Based just outside of Nottingham, England we are a customer focused, family run business with an extensive knowledge of training and support of desktop and laptop computers gained from working within a major UK blue chip company head office environment for over five years.
Welch Allyn, Inc.
Welch Allyn, a leading global manufacturer of veterinary medical products, including ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, viewing lenses and transilluminators.
Prolabs Ltd. introduces new FLEXILE RX (flavox) tablets for dogs with asteoarthritis. Unlike other products, FLEXILE RX tablets help relieve the clinical signs of OA in 3 ways: Inhibiting 5-LOX, suppressing COX-1 and COX-2 and attacking damaging free radicals with an antioxidant effect 5 times greater than vitamin E. This balanced inhibition of both COX and LOX pathways make FLEXILE RX tablets unique among canine OA treatments.
The new EJAY HAYLO is the latest generation in post surgical care for dogs and cats. With its narrower profile it gives a patient a greater range of normal motion. Designed with ventilation and visibility in mind, the HAYLO gives more comfort and eases the stress sometimes brought on by traditional E collars. Available in sizes from cat to large dog. FREE samples available from WWW.KVPUSA.COM.
Pet Info Center
This touch-screen educational kiosk will boost compliance by promoting excellent pet healthcare directly to your clients. The Pet Info Center will solve such practice challenges as answering client questions, alleviating client frustrations from waiting, and raising client compliance to exceptional levels. With numerous features to choose from, clients can get their questions answered without staff or doctor involvement.
The CCVA Program is a web-based training program to certify veterinary assistants in California. The resources/educational content of the program (videos, power point, etc.) are the property of ACT. The testing and certification is the property of the CVMA and the CVMA is the certifying entity.